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Use the form below to upload files.

You may want to view or search previously uploaded images first to see if an appropriate one is already loaded. You can also check the uploads and deletions log to see if the image you are about to load has had to be deleted, and why.

To include the image in a page, see the help topic for images.

Wipipedia's content is freely copyable and your file may have to be deleted unless you provide both:

  1. The source of the file. If you made it yourself, say so. If the file is available on-line, include a link to the source. Please choose a descriptive title for the file before uploading it since uploaded files cannot be renamed.
  2. The copyright holder and a notice of the type of licence (there are copyright templates available to help), with an explanation of why you believe the file is so licensed. If you hold the copyright you must license the image under a free license or release it into the public domain.

Please note: Most images on the Internet are copyrighted under terms that prevent them from being used on other sites, making it inappropriate and/or illegal to upload them to Wipipedia. Users who upload content with false license declarations, or who repeatedly upload images with no license declaration, may be blocked. For more information, see the Image Use Policy.

Note that this site's policy on use of images closely matches that of Wikipedia (however, "fair use" does not generally exist under UK law).

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