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Hello and welcome. It is good to see someone from Wikipedia here (I edit in both).

If you want, you can create interwiki links from here to Wikipedia (e.g. [[Wikipedia:User:VampWillow]]) to simplify coding. (I entered Wipipedia as an entry in Wikipedia's InterWiki map on the 16th May but it still doesn't appear functional in Wikipedia.)

You'll notice that there is a large crossover of some articles at the moment and this is largely due to inevitable cross-copying (this wiki was initially populated with a lot of articles copied directly from Wipipedia) and a few have since made a journey back the other way. In the long-term, I see one difference that will occur is the NPOV 'slant' that will happen here, as this is dedicated to kink to start with and should I think (POV) be angled more sympathetically than the general coverage of Wikipedia, which needs to explain things like social and psychological issues and where details of practises and variations are not so relevant. I'd be interested in your views if they differ.

I don't recognise the Heinlein quote. It must be one of his later books (he was very slow about computers) but which one??? This does have me wracking my brains!  :)

--Interesdom 17:15, 14 Jun 2005 (BST)



Hi, there were a couple of iffy skins on the sytem which I have removed. You should be able to login as VampWIllow with out any problems now. Since you havce alot of experience with editing wikis would you like to be made a sysop?

Regards Balzac 12:27, 20 Jun 2005 (BST)

Add new discussions after this

Well spotted about the white on white text. I was wondering who would be the first to spot that! :-) I have corrected it. Balzac 16:42, 20 Jun 2005


Saw your message on User_talk:Interesdom, I remember seeing your profile on Wiki :) Hope you decide to come back to editing here, I've only recently started myself :) --Mistress Selina Kyle 15:29, 24 December 2005 (GMT)


Oh, Kent. It's boring and I hate it.

Though, when I can afford it I want to move out parents' to London, where the fun is (and the smog, of which the sheer smell of the pollution in it is immediately obvious to me whenever I go there unfortunately, but I guess I'll learn to live with it..) however haven't even got a job yet - I'm at college and don't have the time really (I'm a slacker as it is -_-) --Mistress Selina Kyle 22:32, 26 December 2005 (GMT)


I agree with Interesdom by the way, most of the Wikipedia articles are very biased towards a medical perspective. Coupled with that most editors are from America, the "DSM" psychiatric specifications pretty much rule all, with anything sexual that differs from the norm categorised as a "dysfunction". It's sad, and is actually biased in itself

I made an article, Wikipedia which kinda points some of this kind of thing out. For example, read the quotes on the deletion on Wikipedia for Wikipedia:Category:Kinky Wikipedians. Next they'll probably try to delete Wikipedia:Template:User Kinky. -_- --Mistress Selina Kyle 22:36, 26 December 2005 (GMT)

loc again

Kinda near maidstone/sevenoaks but a good few miles from both (a village in the middle of nowhere. Argh)

By the way does your "You have new messages" not reset itself too?

I've had a big orange "You have new messages" on wipi ever since I got my first talk message and it won't go away no matter how many times I read my talk page :( --Mistress Selina Kyle 22:46, 26 December 2005 (GMT)

constant "you have new messages"

Nope, still there. :( I even tried logging out, deleting all cookies and stuff, closing browser opening again and logging in again, still there --Mistress Selina Kyle 04:10, 27 December 2005 (GMT)

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