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Adult pretending to be schoolgirl
Two women with clothing and accessories associated with children, including hair bows and dolls (woman on left).

Ageplay is a type of sexual roleplaying or BDSM in which a person pretends to be an infant, child or adolescent. Technically, infantilism is a subset of ageplay.

The dominant plays the role of teacher, doctor, parent, etc. Ageplay can also be bratplay in which the "child" is disobedient and bratty, and puts up verbal or physical resistance. (In such play, a safeword is even more important.)

Ageplay is often regarded as edgeplay, because it reminds people of real-life incest or paedophilia. Proponents point out that ageplay is a consensual fantasy played out by adults.

The appeal of ageplay, like other forms of submission, is in giving up responsibility, allowing oneself to be vulnerable and to give and receive affection freely.

Some ageplay is purely regressive; while the person is in role, nothing that wouldn't happen with a real minor occurs. Other includes sex or sexual play, such as erotic spanking, and incest or paedophilia fantasies.

Ageplay often involves dressing as a child or adolescent, for instance wearing a school uniform.

Ageplay practices may include:

  • spanking
  • diapering (i.e. putting the submissive partner in a nappy as though he or she were an infant; sometimes, the person is given large amounts of water and forced to wet the nappy)
  • Bottle feeding
  • Use of other child-type clothing
  • Use of padded gloves; these can have a similar effect to bondage mittens, making the person more helpless
  • Imprisoning in a giant crib
  • Using a large child's dummy as a gag (possibly tying it on)
  • Humiliating medical procedures such as rectal temperature taking, the insertion of suppositories or the giving of enemas.

Note that some of these practices, though not often applied to children nowadays, were commonplace some decades ago.

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