Anal-oral contact

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Anal-oral contact (commonly referred to as anilingus, misspelled as analingus, and colloquially known as rimming or tossing salad) is sexual activity involving contact between the anus or perianal areas of one person and the mouth of another. Thus, anilingus is simultaneously anal sex and oral sex.



Rimming is practiced by humans of all sexual orientations. In both sexes, the human anus contains pleasurable nerve endings similar to those in the penis.


Unprotected anilingus involves risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, as well as intestinal parasites and poisoning by contact with faeces. However, the risks are mitigated by simple thorough washing with soap and water, and virtually eliminated with the use of a dental dam. An enema can help, but the micro flora and faunal found in the intestines are so ubiquitous that no safe enema can possibly eliminate all. When combined with standard courses of hepatitis vaccinations, anilingus is usually regarded as a low-risk sexual activity, for example with regard to the risk of transmission of [[HIV]

Public notoriety

Famously, the Starr Report made mention of “oral-anal contact” between President Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky. However, no mention was made in the report of who was on the giving and who was on the receiving end of the act.

References to anilingus were made in the sitcom Sex and the City, where the character Carrie uses the euphemism “tuckus lingus,” and in the first several minutes of the first episode of the British Queer as Folk.


The misspelling "analingus" is commonly encountered. The correct form is with -i- (anusani, + lingus) as in cunnilingus (cunnuscunni, + lingus).

"Arse to mouth"

Main article: Arse to mouth

Arse to mouth is the removal of the penis or another object from the passive partner's anus followed by the immediate insertion of the penis or object into the passive partner's or another person's mouth. It is also known as A2M or ATM. Ass to mouth generally excludes cleaning the penis or other object after its removal from the anus but before its imposition in the mouth. This results in indirect oral-anal contact through the medium of the penis (or other object).

Dominance and submission

As may be obvious, anilingus has potential in dominance / submission play. Arse-licking is generally seen as a submissive act, and an element of humiliation can easily be involved, especially by calling your sub an "arselicker", either when addressing the sub or when speaking to a third party.

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