Animal transformation fantasy

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Woman dressed as cat

An animal transformation fantasy is a roleplay where one or more of the participants pretends to be, or is forced to act, like an animal. It may, but often does not, involve sexual acts. The transformation process is sometimes abbreviated as "TFing" or, less frequently, "teefing."

Often, the fantasy is enhanced by props, such as a butt plug with an attached tail to simulate a real tail. Bondage may be used to force the "animal" to stay in role, such as binding the legs double with the heels pressed against the buttocks to make someone stay on all fours, or tying their arms behind them. The person may be gagged.

Examples include:

  • Animal transformation fantasies are popular with some elements of furry fandom
  • The fantasy of lycanthropy (the werewolf) and some versions of vampirism stories (bat)
  • Human pony, human puppy, human kitty play, pet play in general and other forms of sexual role-playing.

The transformation of a human to animal form is often depicted as sweaty and painful, and often includes 'rippage' (clothes tearing apart in the course of change). The transformee's body may also bulk up in muscle mass and sprout excessive body hair which develops into fur. If the 'transformee' were a woman, sometimes extra pairs of nipples are shown growing on her stomach, as in An American Werewolf in Paris. Such a transformation process has elements of 'wet' fetishism, trichophilia, and sado-masochism, though sometimes it can have non-sexual and spiritual connections instead.

It is rare for TF enthusiasts to arrange to meet in real life; generally, perhaps because of the taboo nature of their interest, or because their fantasy scenario is physically impossible, interactions occur exclusively online. Transformations are most often depicted through fetish art, including transformation fiction, drawings, photomanipulation (such as Photo Shop), screengrabs of transformations on television shows or in movies, or sexual role-playing scenarios via online chat.

Possible transformation fantasies

As is the case with most sexual interests, fetishized animal transformations frequently involve elements of control. It is not unusual for a character to be made subservient or humiliated as a result of a transformation (for example, to be turned into a dog and then trained), or conversely to acquire new sexual powers (for example, to be turned into a well-endowed horse). Though hardcore BDSM is rare, virtually all animal transformation situations between two people involve characters in dominant and submissive positions.

In most cases, a transformation scenario chooses one of the following aspects to focus on: the cause or mechanism of the change (for example, a story about stealing a transformative talisman), the actual process of change (for example, a series of photomanipulations in which a girl becomes a cow), or the consequences of the change (for example, a chat session in which a couple wake up to discover that they are cats). Scenarios focussing on causes generally involve magical or science-fiction elements, and often are wrought as a punishment or as revenge. Less frequently, a transformation is bestowed on a recipient as a reward, or even less frequently is wielded by a recipient who wishes to transform.

Scenarios focussing on the transformation process are generally gradual, and usually involve participants (either transformees themselves or onlookers) who are unwilling or oblivious and who resist the change, though their actions may be its trigger. Less frequently, participants may revel in the gradual change, inviting it to continue. Scenarios involving the aftermath of a change generally involve a victim either attempting to change their form further, or adjusting to their new status. All of these preoccupations — punishment/revenge, reward/resistance, and struggling with one's form/accepting a new status — are archetypal elements of the above-noted fetishistic dominance and submission.

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