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Model wearing a ball gag
Model in head harness with ball gag

A ball gag, as the name suggests, is a gag consisting of a ball which is inserted into a victim's mouth and then held in place by a strap running through it and then tied behind the back of the neck. Ball gags are one of the most common types of gag used in BDSM play.

Correctly fitted, they are very effective at preventing the gagged person from talking and are almost impossible to spit out. Visually they look very dramatic, distorting the face and forcing the mouth open. For this reason they are popular with people for whom objectification is an important part of their play. Ball gags can enhance the victim's feelings of vulnerablity, and due to the strain it places on the mouth and jaw, it is a constant reminder of their state.

Very often, wearing a ball gag for a prolonged period makes the victim drool. Sometimes, if this does not start spontaneously, it may be started by pulling on the victim's lower lip.

Ball gags can be hand-made, but commercial versions are readily available at various prices, from plastic balls with holes for breathing pre-drilled in, to soft "jelly" balls that conform more to the interior of the wearer's mouth. (The jelly variety is better for long-term use; a ball gag with breathing holes is mandatory for anyone with a history of asthma or other breathing problems.)

A less common design is to have the ball attached to a leather plate which covers the mouth and is held in place by a strap; this is called a panel gag. Gags of this design are less effective than the tradition ball gag as the victim may be able to spit the gag out. They also tend to be less effective in silencing the victim. They do, however, work very well with hoods as they require a much smaller mouth opening than a traditional ball gag and the hood helps keep the gag in place.

Ball gags often form part of head harnesses, the straps of the harness holding the gag in place and adding to the visual appeal of the gag.


Ball size

Ball gags come in different sizes to suit different mouth sizes. Using the correct sized gag will greatly enhance the experience of wearing it. Too small a gag will be ineffective at silencing the person and the visual impact will be diminished; using too big a gag will put the person's jaw under strain which will quickly become painful. There is also a real risk that the person might choke or retch.

Wiffle ball gag

The ball may be hollow and have holes in it (sometimes called a "wiffle ball"). This makes it easy for the victim to breathe through the gag and minimises the risk of choking.

Deep throat ball gag

In this modification, a smaller ball is attached to the rear of the ball, and an even smaller ball is attached to that. These balls reach deep into the mouth, making the gag more effective. However, there is some danger that the victim could choke, so great care is needed.


For the gag to be as effective as possible, the ball should be pushed right into the mouth so that it is behind the front teeth. However, in many bondage photos and videos it is deliberately not pushed right in, so that it is more clearly visible.

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