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Ballbusting is a form of male genitorture in which a man desires to be kicked in the testicles, or a woman desires to kick a man in the testicles. Since the testicles are sensitive to impact, this can be extremely painful. (Indeed, the pain of groin attacks is heavily featured in popular culture.) As these structures are easily damaged, care must be taken if they are not to be lost, or to lose function.

Some feel that this is a medically inadvisable practice, noting that the testicles and their surrounding nerves and blood vessels are easily damaged, and hence this activity may result in permanent damage or severe injury.

Some men wish to take part in this activity, as do some women. However, some men find it difficult to locate a woman willing to do so on a romantic level and choose to pursue the services of a dominatrix. like wise women who enjoy ballbusting seek out men to kick and punch in the groin. By and large, most men who actively take part in ballbusting do so with a committed partner who enjoys the activity as well. Many men also prefer to engage in ballbusting with male partners, a practice known as male-male ballbusting.

Some men enjoy ballbusting from a voyeuristic point of view, but do not enjoy having pain inflicted on their own testicles. It is merely a fantasy they can get off on without ever having tried it or have tried it and did not derive the degree of pleasure that is enjoyed by those with this paraphilia.

Some women also enjoy participating in ballbusting, wearing high heels, some for no particular reason other than to cause pain in the male's most private sensitive parts. This activity is also depicted in specialist pornography catering to this fetish.

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