Body painting

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Body painting
Chocolate paint

Body painting is the art and practice of painting pictures on a naked body. Body painting may also mean painting a body with edible paint, such as chocolate, so that it may be licked off, or combining both art and sensuality. Commonly, the painter is a dominant while the subject is a submissive but this is not necessarily the case, although it could be said that positioning oneself and staying still at the painter's request is a form of submission.

For some body-painters and subjects, the entire objective is the artistic effect and once having achieved their art, they are happy that it is washed away. For many, there is are added aspects, typically in either publicly exposing the subject or photographing them. The control in having the subject take the poses required, and in staying still for the pose, can also be a thrill to both.

Art usually uses the body's natural curves and features and can vary from simple designs (especially if the concentration is on licking off edible paint) through pretty pictures to sexually suggestive designs or images. The paint might cover just a part of a body, a lot of it, or the entire body including the hair.

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