Bondage bed

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Bondage bed from JT's Stockroom
1815 depiction of bondage bed (probably imaginative)

A bondage bed is a bed designed for bondage and BDSM play. The design typically falls into two main variants: a standard bed designed primarily for sleeping on but which has purpose-built attachments for bondage, and a table-like piece of furniture with a padded top and multiple fixing points around it. This second variant is purely designed for bondage and could be part of a purpose-built dungeon.

Needless to say, most vanilla beds can be used quite successfully for bondage with little or no modification. However, iron bed frames are particularly suited, due to their inherent strength and large number of attachment points. As well as the high street bed retailers, there are a number of BDSM equipment suppliers selling bondage beds. Most are designed to be installed in a normal bedroom, and usually look quite innocent (if a little gothic) to the casual observer. It is also possible to get beds with cages built into the base of the bedframe, where the submissive can be kept while the Top sleeps above.

It is possible to buy inflatable bondage beds; however, a question mark must remain over how effective they are.

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