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Coprophilia is a paraphilia consisting of the condition of feeling sexual excitement focused on faeces, often in conjunction with BDSM or infantilism.

Alternative terms include scat fetishism and scat play, which share a root with the scientific and literary term scatology. Scat fetishism is featured prominently in some Japanese pornography.

Some coprophiliacs engage in coprophagia, the eating of faeces, which is a potentially hazardous activity due to the risks of infection with diseases such as hepatitis. Note that even consuming one's own faeces could have potentially harmful consequencies, as the bowel bacteria are not necessarily safe to ingest.

Coprophile activities are sometimes referred to by the euphemism hardsports, presumably by analogy with the use of the euphemism watersports for urolagnia and urophilia.

The practice of brown showers refers to the practice of defecating on a person to derive sexual pleasure.

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