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[[Image:Catwoman.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Catwoman Adaptation by Alexander Horn]]
[[Image:Catwoman2.jpg|200px|thumb|right|inspired by Catwoman<br>Photo: Alexander Horn]]'''Catwoman''' is a comic book character from the Batman Comics, first introduced in 1940. Catwoman was originally a villain, a jewel thief, who became romantically involved with Batman and changed her ways somewhat, so it is not clearly defined if she is good or bad.
Over the years, the character went through lots of different outfits and in the "Batman" TV Series in the 1960 she was seen in a tight black [[spandex]] [[catsuit]], first portrayed by Julie Newmar and later by Eartha Kitt. In the movie from that same series, Lee Meriwether wore that form-fitting suit.
In the movie "Batman returns" (1992), director Tim Burton reinvented the character with Michelle Pfeiffer in a tight [[latex]] outfit, made for the movie by "Syren" founder Andy Wilkes.  The performance made an impression - many [[fetish]]ists recall the movie fondly.
In 2004, unknown French director Pitof unsuccessfully tried to reinvent the character with a new concept in the movie "Catwoman" starring Halle Berry and Sharon Stone. The only positive aspects of the movie were the sights of Halle Berry in a sexy [[leather (material)|leather]] outfit and a large poster of Sharon Stone in a silver latex outfit. The movie itself disappointed fans and was a commercial failure, making future Catwoman movies unlikely for some time.
The '''Catwoman''' character has been an inspiration to generations of fetish fans, spawning lots of different costumes and adaptations.

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