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A chub is an overweight or obese homosexual man who identifies as being part of the related chubby culture or fat fetishism community. Although there is some overlap between chubs and bears, chubs have their own distinct subculture and community. There are bars, organisations and social events specifically catering to this subculture, which allows members of the community to socialise with each other and develop social networks.



These definitions are general in nature; specific definitions may vary depending on the perspective of the individual.

an overweight gay man.
an obese gay man.
a gay man with a stocky or heavyset build; typically hairy body and facial hair and typically displaying a masculine appearance and mannerisms.
Polar Bear
an older bear
Panda Bear
an Asian bear
Brown Bear
a Hispanic bear
Black Bear
an African-American bear
an older man who is sometimes a bear
a younger bear
a man who is often of a smaller body size and/or stature who is sexually or romantically attracted to chubs or bears. The term chaser is used in various communities to describe an outsider who is sexually attracted to people within the community
a chub who is sexually or emotionally attracted to other chubs
Girth & Mirth
a widespread name for clubs of big men and their admirers
Grizzly Adams
a man with a typically hairy body and face who does not self identify as a bear but is attracted to bears.
a man of smaller stature who is attracted to bears.
Big Men's Club
another term used to define clubs and organizations for gay and bisexual men and their male admirers

(The terms chubby chaser and daddy can also be found in use among heterosexuals, but for the purposes of this gay subculture are listed and defined as above.)


Ron Suresha's anthology "Bears On Bears" indicates that, while casual social networks for chubby men and chasers had long existed, the first organized social group in the United States, "Girth & Mirth", formed in 1976 in San Francisco. The following year, a chapter was organized in Boston, and in 1978 the New York chapter started. Conventions were held in cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City as early as 1977 or 1978 with large numbers of chubbies and chasers attending. The first meeting to use the name Convergence in the United States was held in Seattle in 1986. Several chapters are now active across the United States, mostly in large and diverse cities.

Relation to Fat Fetishism

Some people consider Fat Admiration to be fetishistic, while others feel that their attraction to bigger people is at most a strong preference, but not a fetish. Attitudes in chubby culture range from indifference to preference, to discomfort with fat fetishism, and is generally individualistic.

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