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Large rolls of coloured cling film suitable for bondage
Mummified in clingfilm

Plastic wrap (usually known as clingfilm in the UK and Saran wrap in North America) is an easy, cheap plaything for bondage. It is often used to wrap around a body, potentially the entire body from feet to neck. Great care is required to ensure that the wrapped person's breathing is not interrupted when it's used in this way. Often, the wrap is reinforced with duct tape or bondage tape.

It is very satisfying for some Tops as well as their bottom and is a a very popular way to achieve partial or total body mummification. Its major advantage over sleepsacks is that it can easily be cut away to allow the Top access to selected areas of the body for tickling, torture, fire and ice play, sexual release etc.

Pallet Wrap

Clingfilm also comes in coloured versions, originally designed for industrial packaging, which is a great toy for sensory deprivation play. This version of the material is normally called "Pallet Wrap" and is made of a heavier gauge plastic than regular clingfilm and may additionally have an extremely weak adhesive ability to make it stick tighter.

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