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Clothed Male, Naked Female (CMNF) is a paraphilia involving one or more nude women and one or more clothed men. It is generally used as a label for erotica, pornography, or sexual fantasy depicting such scenarios.

In general, the classification of CMNF can be divided into two major areas: scenarios involving exhibitionism and scenarios involving humiliation. A number of sites, though not using the specific name, use the theme to involve bondage, and also sexual activity of a humiliating nature, where women are tied and sexually stimulated.


CMNF as exhibitionism

The most common example of CMNF is the average strip club, where dozens of fully clothed men can watch women disrobe. While many men are sexually aroused by viewing such activity, the truly paraphiliac (male) CMNF enthusiast would actually prefer to view nude women while clothed rather than engage in sexual intercourse.

CMNF as humiliation

CMNF may also be a form of male and/or female submission, though many purists claim true CMNF situations have nothing to do with humiliation. This aspect is usually BDSM-related, with the nude female experiencing humiliation at the hands of one or more clothed males often by being forced to disrobe in front of a number of clothed males. The female may be merely displayed as a "plaything" or experience sexual acts such as cunnilingus or penetration (oral, vaginal or anal) by fingers, penises, or foreign objects. (In keeping with the theme of humiliation, these acts are usually assumed to be forcible and unwelcome.) Alternatively, the woman may be whipped or subjected to some other form of pain play.

CMNF in fiction

In John Norman's "Gor" novels, kajirae (female slaves) are usually much less clothed than their masters (owners), though not always naked.

In the "Star Trek" universe, the females of the Ferengi species were prohibited from wearing clothes at any time.

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