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A cockfight is a form of fighting and/or sex between two men, normally both gay although there are other variations. Cockfights can have wide variations in rules, ranging from something broadly similar to mutual masturbation, all the way to fights in which one participant is rendered unconscious. Cockfights are uncommon in real life, the more violent types especially so, but do occur. It should be stressed that a cockfight is NOT a form of rape; in a cockfight all fighters participate willingly and with a full knowledge of and acceptance of the consequences of losing and can withdraw at any point. Fighting can take a variety of forms, wrestling (all types), boxing, or even No-Holds-Barred (NHB) Fighting. The more violent forms of cockfight may be illegal in many jurisdictions.



Loser Cums First

This is a scenario in which which two men masturbate each other; the first to cum is the loser. This can either take the form of simple endurance challenge, or can involve wrestling to allow one fighter to pin the other and masturbate him without the pinned fighter being able to reciprocate.

Fight for Top

This is a scene in which the outcome of the fight decides who gets to play the active role either in subsequent sex, or in sexual acts performed in the fighting arena (e.g. in the boxing ring/wrestling circle).


This is a situation where during the course of the fight, the victor cums/urinates over the loser.

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