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Does anyone really NOT know what a condom is? Ok, just in case:
for a detailed description of these contraceptive and safe sex devices, see the Wikipedia:condom entry.

Condoms are not *just* about contraception.

If you're trying to be safe in your kinky explorations, then condoms are one of the most important weapons in your armoury. Not only do they protect against most sexually transmitted diseases transmitted by the penis, they can also be used for non-standard insertibles (such as dildos and vibrators) to protect your health, and even to protect your sex toys.

Things you should know ...

If you are using lubricants (lubes), for instance when having anal sex, be careful about the type of lube you use.

Latex can be degraded (damaged) by oil based lubricants.
Keep lubricants like baby oil and many massage oils well away from condoms.

You can get water and silicone based lubes from many sex shops and BDSM shops which are safe to use with condoms.

Lube Brands

  • Liquid Silk
  • ID
  • Probe

Different brands of Condoms have different safety ratings. If you're going to be participating in vigorous vaginal penetration, and/or anal penetration, try to use the safest brands. It has been said that Boots own brand condoms, or those unbranded flavoured ones you get from novelty shops, are not recommended.

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