Crotch rope

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Crotch rope
Western style crotch rope

A crotch rope (Sakuranbo) is a bondage rope harness tied around the captive's hips and groin.

In Japanese bondage, a crotch rope is tied in such a way as to rub against the genitals. The aim is to generate thoughts of sexual submission and excitement in the person thus tied. The same purpose may exist for Western-style bondage, which also uses them for anchorage when restraining a victim or support during suspension bondage or on a St. Andrew's cross.

A crotch rope may be used to hold in a dildo or butt plug. A tight crotch rope may dig painfully into a sensitive area. Attaching the rope to wrist bonds is a way to keep the captive's arms pressed against the back.

Once the crotch rope is in position, it may be pulled to the side by another rope; this may make it tighter and less comfortable. If the rope has been doubled so that there are two strands, it is best pulled symmetrically, one strand to the right and one to the left.

Crotch ropes appear regularly in the drawings of Robert Bishop.

It is often suggested that a woman can be sexually stimulated by a crotch rope rubbing against her, especially if there are carefully placed knots in the rope. However, this is contested by some women.

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