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Deep throat is a form of oral sex, often, but by no means always, practised in the context of a male dominant relationship. The name is derived from a Gerard Damaino movie, Deep Throat, of the early 1970s, which was one of the first explicit pornography movies to reach a wide audience. It was sufficiently popular that an informant for the newspaper reporters Woodward and Bernstein was nicknamed Deep Throat (see the book and movie All the President's Men) during the unofficial investigation into the Watergate Affair in 1972-74.

The technique involves insertion of the erect penis entirely within the open mouth. Most mouths are so sized that part of even an average penis will enter the throat. The act is exciting for the man (e.g., exquisite sensations) and for the receiver (e.g., an extreme opening of self to the partner, and the experience of feeling a penis throb in orgasm while deep in one's throat is specially noted by many as both lovely and exciting). The last of the insertion can be done by the receiver, or by the man. There is a very considerable and important difference in the emotional context depending on which is 'in control'.

Essentially the same thing is meant by the terms 'throat fucking' and, often, 'face fucking' as well.



Successful deep throat, especially when the man is in control during it, often leaves swollen lips, and throat tissues. Many receipients enjoy the feeling of these in the day or so it will usually take for the swelling to go down.

Size issues

There are very large erect penises (e.g., girth, length, glans size) and also very small mouths. It is possible that a penis will be too large for a particular mouth and throat. The problem is largely that of girth (and glans size, if much greater than shaft girth) and the ability to open the mouth, as extremely few penises are too long, if they can be successfully introduced into the throat, given the length of the oesophagus. Nonetheless, extremely long penises will pose problems shorter ones do not, even if they can be fully inserted, for they will have to be withdrawn a greater distance to allow the receiver to breathe periodically.

Even substantial girth or an outsized glans can be accommodated with sufficient determination, practice, and cooperation.

Penis and mouth piercings are a contraindication (especially when on both partners) as they will sometimes catch on tissues, and the motions involved in successful deep throat are such that a tear can happen before it is even suspected there has been a snag. When both are pierced, there is a higher chance of tearing since the piercings can catch on each other.

Reflex problems

There are several automatic mechanisms related to the mouth and throat which have the effect of protecting against choking, or swallowing something so large as to block either the esaphogus or the windpipe. They are generally referred to as the gag reflex or the retch reflex. The first is related to a feeling of choking and is usually followed by coughing or 'hacking' (sometimes very urgent indeed) which will often eject the blocking item. The second refers to an abdominal reaction which often leads to vomiting. Again, this will often clear an obstructing item.

Neither are acceptable during oral sex, and so the deep throat receipient must learn to suppress them, especially the gag reflex. Suppression is routinely done by circus performers (eg, in sword swallowing) and by those who learn to 'chug' drinks, perhaps in college contests. And, of course, by all those who learn to deep throat with skill and enthusiasm. Practice, and a willingness to become familiar with the powerful, and initially quite startling, sensations, is required for learning. There are many reports from dominant men that they have successfully 'taught' many how to successfully receive. Indeed, the star actress in the movie Deep Throat (Linda Lovelace) was so taught by her boyfriend / agent, Chuck Traynor, according to each of them in later accountes of the making of the movie.

It is not a good idea, if it is possible to do so at all, to suppress these reflexes entirely, as not everything which might evoke them will be a penis. They will still have a protective function.


The throat and neck are very complex structures and substructures with many critical functions, many quite delicate. Blood vessels (eg, those supplying the brain), nerves (eg, speech motor control nerves to the layrnx or those involved in swallowing coordination), organs (eg, thyroid, parathyroid, ...), etc. Forced deep throat is likely to damage one or more of them, possibly permanently. This is not a technique with trivial risk, but can nevertheless be accomplished with acceptable risk by avoiding use of large muscles (ie, forcing using strength) by either party to overcome difficulties. Both parties should realize that pain and damage sensations are somewhat suppressed whilst sexually excited (ef, back scratches or tissue bruises which are a suprise when later noticed), and this is true during deep throat as well.

The receiver MUST be in a relaxed state in order to reduce risks sufficiently to be even approximately acceptable, and if the man is free to move, he MUST take active responsibility for his partner's safety. Situations in which the man is unable to move (i.e. bound in some manner) are somewhat different in that the receiver must take full safety responsibility for both. If these conditions are impossible for any reason, the deep throat session should be postponed, perhaps being replaced by less extreme oral sex, or by something else.

Care must be taken to withdraw the penis frequently to permit breathing. Anything near to a normal thrusting rate will certainly do so, if the penis is withdrawn sufficiently far, and the receiver breathes on the outstroke. This is an aspect of control (by a dominant man) that many submissives find very welcome, gratifying, and even arousing. The receiver will usually feel, especially whilst learning to take a penis into the throat, that there is not enough possiblity for breathing. This feeling is very urgent and must be sensibly handled whilst learning. Breath holding practice will be useful, eg, swimming underwater for those with access to swimming quality water.

On the man's side, the primary risk is teeth. These must never be closed, even in playful teasing, as the erect penis is essentially a high pressure hydraulic mechanism with blood as the working fluid. Damage to the tunica membrane (from sharp teeth applied with the high force jaw muscles can easily deliver), or the hydraulic resevoirs (eg, fracture from bending 'too much'), can be permanent. And, any inury which causes bleeding may lead to considerable, perhaps dangerous, blood loss.

For both parties, there is some danger of infection if either is already infected, or if there are skin breaks on any of the penis, the lips, interior of the mouth (eg, gumline, interior cheeks, etc), or the throat or esophagus. Few infecting organisms will survive contact with stomach acid, so there is reduced chance of infection beyond the bottom of the esaphogus.

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