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E-Stim Systems is a UK-based company making their own range of Electro Stim Control boxes and electrodes, including audio based and remote control E-Stim units. They claim to have excellent prices, good service and a friendly crew. Their toys can be seen in action at various events and their products can be purchased via the online shop. They also attend BBB, LFF, LAM, Skin Two and Erotica.

Personal Experiences

We recentely bought a series one control box and are very satisfied with it. It is quite well made, more than powerful enough for the sort of play we like, and is very good value for money. The only thing we would point out is that although it has two channels, they cannot be individually controlled. If you are looking to experiement with electric play then this is a very good way to start. Recomended. Balzac 12:19, 3 Jul 2005 (BST)

Company Comment The Series 1 is actually defined as a single channel dual output. Gland you are happy with it!! E-Stim Systems

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