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The following is a list of symbols that can be used to signify interest in adipophilia or solidarity with the associated fat fetish community. Some of these symbols are broadly used, whereas others are more abstract, inferred, or conjectural in their usage with respect to adipophilia.


Adipophilia Pride Flag

The Adipophilia Pride Flag is a proposed fat fetishism flag created in 2011 by Kevin Seguin for use by the associated fat fetish community. It is intended to describe the wide variety of different fetishes represented by the community, and is meant to represent fat fetishists of all genders and sexual orientations.

BBW & BHM Silhouettes

These are commonly used symbols meant to represent Big Beautiful Women (BBW) and Big Handsome Men (BHM) or Chubs respectively (see Big Beautiful People). They are used in a wide variety of items from clothing to stickers and emblems, and are thought to be some of the earliest and most successful examples at clearly identifiable fat fetish and or fat admirer symbols.

Belly Symbol

Stylized symbols or emojis of a fat or rounded belly has widespread use in fat fetish communities, especially online

This symbol is intended to represent love and or admiration for an overweight or obese individual, and the subsequent personal affirmations of BBW and BHM or Chubs (see Big Beautiful People). The design of the individual within the heart is based loosely on the style of symbols used in signs and public facilities, and is meant to represent an overweight or obese individual of any gender or sexual orientation. The heart is intended not only to represent admiration, but also ties the symbol to the Adipophilia Pride Flag, which also includes a prominent heart symbol.

Pig Related Symbols

These are commonly used symbols to represent pigs or boars. The term pig or hog, or pig like affectations, are sometimes used within fat fetish communities, often in a playful or suggestive manner. Pigs are a commonly used symbol of gluttony throughout the world, so they are particularly appropriate to include in a fat fetish context. It is worth noting though that "pig play" is sometimes also used to refer to dirty sex in general.

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