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A fetish is defined as any inanimate object that is given unreasonable attention, or any part of the body not of a sexual nature that arouses erotic feelings. Someone with a fetish is called a fetishist.

A fetish is also when an individual is sexually aroused by an object or objects and is generally unable to achieve sexual satisfaction without that object being present. In the context of this website, the most common fetishes are materials (rubber, leather and lycra) and parts of the body such as feet and thighs.

Sometimes a fetish may be so important to someone that in its absence a man may suffer impotence or a woman may be unable to orgasm.

Many people in the community enjoy the thrill of wearing rubber without having a strictly fetishistic attraction to it. Particularly people who are into BDSM use fetish imagery to enhance their deeper sexual need for dominance and submission.

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