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Food Play

Inserting food into any orifice of the human body requires preparation and/or forethought. Some people are severely allergic to things like peanuts, melons and strawberries. Good insertion-type items are those that are smooth and penis-shaped: things like cucumbers, squashes, Japanese egg-plant. Things that are irritants; or things that may be direct or indirect allergens, or that are rough or abrasive like pineapples and artichokes are DEFINITE no-no’s. Always talk it over with your partner before you do this type of play.

If you put anything into the rectum, you should not eat it afterwards. A bacterium that lives in your lower intestinal may cause serious problems in any other part of the body, or even on the skin. Drinking urine is many times safer than ingesting fecal matter.

The lining of the rectum is actually pretty fragile. If you tear or break the rectal linings, you can look forward to some pretty bad medical complications. Inserting something mundane as an ice cube could cause some pretty bad problems. Ice cubes may have sharp points and edges. Running warm water over an ice cube will help smooth out any points or rough edges. Be careful that any ice cubes that you use are solid: fragility leads to breaking which leads to cuts and abrasions.

Sugar (including sweetened whipping cream, soft drinks; fruit drinks and liqueurs) should not be introduced into the vagina. Even a small portion will encourage yeast and bacterial growth. Large amounts of sugar cause ‘Osmotic Pull’ a situation where moisture is pulled from the vaginal linings.

Although the thought of using salami, pepperoni, bologna, etc., as a sex toy might sound like it might be fun. It should be remembered that all of them are processed with salts and nitrates.. Using a condom is at least a minimum protection, but if it isn't attached to a human being, playing ‘hide the salami’ should be avoided. The oils present in these products may break down the latex in a condom. Pepperoni has chemicals in it to provide a spicy taste. These may be to spicy for the vagina or rectum to assimilate.

Foods like beans and rice swell when they come in contact with moisture. So as if I really needed to say it; do not put beans or rice into you nose or ears.

Non-water soluble fats (like fatty oils, Crisco, butter, mayonnaise, etc) should be avoided. The oil in these products are usually not compatible with latex, which will cause other problems (if you were to think about it!). Also, oils on the vaginal walls could trap bacteria against the vaginal walls, not allowing the human body to cleanse itself naturally. Use only water soluble lubricants internally.


Water soluble irritants respond to safewords; they wash off.

Oil-based irritants do not respond to safewords; they do not wash off easily. If you put an irritant on a tender part of your body, you will be stuck with it for up to a half hour. Soap and water might help a little, but you may also wish to use dish soap or witch hazel.

Irritants like capsaicin, cinnamon, clove and menthol should be used VERY sparingly. Hot tubs or baths, saran wrap, tight clothing will accentuate the reaction. Cuts, piercings and abrasions allow the oils to bypass the skin and attack the very nerve endings that the skin is designed to protect.

You may wish to start with a very diluted mixture until you know what specific reaction your body will have to various oils. Menthol can be painful in the extreme, even causing second degree burns if improperly used. Oil of Clove is used by dentists to deaden nerve endings of teeth. When I say you should dilute these, I mean it. Just because the label says '10% solution' it may still be quite strong. Dilute it. Dilute it again. And then dilute it again. Try it out (preferably on yourself) first on your unbroken skin; sensitive or abraded or scratched skin; outer mucous membranes like the inside of your mouth, and then, and only then, inner mucous membranes like a vagina or rectum.

One final word of warning from someone who has had first hand experience. Irritants (like those I have been talking about) do not act/react immediately. A friend put capcaisin on herself. After a minute or so, she didn't feel anything so she doubled the amount applied. A few minutes later (having still felt no effect) she redoubled the amount applied. And then she started feeling it, and she couldn't find a way to neutralize it. She found out, to her chagrin, how much capcaisin is required to cause first and second degree burns to very tender body parts.

Inserting things into various body orifices

The use of sounds is something that should be done only by experienced or advanced people. Using match sticks, chop sticks or bamboo skewers looks like fun, but these items can not be sterilized. It is NOT a good idea to stick non-sterile items into the urethra.

Do not blow air into the vagina: it will cause blood embolisms. Carbonation is just another form of introducing air into the vagina. Embolisms are rare, but as the saying goes, “Why be stupid and lose perfectly good play partner?”

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