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Sole-full Sex - How to Worship a Woman’s Feet

By Rachel Venning

All day long we tromp and stomp doing errands, getting to and from work, maybe even jogging or hiking. Poor little tootsies. With every step they collide with the ground with a force greater than the weight of the body above them. How faithfully they serve us, and how little love they receive in return. While a few devotees are so enamored of feet that they become fetishists who require a foot or a shoe to have sexual satisfaction, most of us are more traditional tits and ass fans. You may not need 6" stilettos to get you aroused, but cultivating an appreciation of toes and feet will make you a preferred lover.

1) A pretty pedicure makes feet feel so much better. For nail polish fans, there is no end to fun painting possibilities. Trim toenails and well cared for cuticles will make feet happy and lovers more likely to ogle those arches. The best person to maintain a woman’s feet is her lover. For those of you just getting started, set yourself up with one of those kits available at any drug store- it has clippers, a nail file, cuticle pushers and fun foam toe separators. Soak the feet first to soften them up.

2) When her dogs are barking, a traditional foot massage will help release the tensions of the day, bring a smile to her face, and perhaps soften her up for further adventures. Having your shoes and socks lovingly removed, the little lint balls whisked away from in between your toes, and the tired foot muscles tenderly rubbed and soothed is an ideal way to transition from the hectic demands of being out in the world to the intimacies of time with your sweetie. Spoil her feet with a peppermint foot balm. Reflexology, shiatsu and other massage traditions all use special points in the feet which are especially good for releasing energy. For starters try the side of the big toe, and the sensuous valley between the toes and the ball of the feet.

3) Let your tongue do the walking. To take that traditional foot massage and sex it up. Use that soft mouth to stimulate the tender spots. Pay attention to how she’s responding and if she gets the giggles push harder with your tongue, or back off for a moment till the tickles subside. Licking kissing, burying your face in her feet, and of course toe sucking will all feel wonderful. Take as much of her foot in your mouth as you can. It’s hard to deep throat a foot, but it’s fun to try.

4) Let her know you've got her feet in mind by buffing her boots or shining her stilettos. Shoe care is a sure flag that you're a foot-worshipping acolyte preparing the temple.

5) If your lover is a top, lick her boots. This will give her (& you) a psychological and a sensory thrill. As you devotedly tongue your way along her arch and across her toes, press hard with your tongue so she can feel it through the leather. Give her a show- let her see your tongue slide across her shoes, arch your back so your ass is in the air, and if you're very very lucky you may get a spanking.

6) Toe fucking. Toes don't always have to be passive recipients of devotion- they can fuck too. Five sexy fat little piggies sliding against your genitals can feel divine.

Fancy Footwear

Whether it's stilettos, thigh-high latex, or a well loved pair of work boots, shoes can add a lot to a foot encounter. If you want your feet to be worshipped, dress them like goddesses. At one sexy extreme are see through plastic pumps, but your daily footwear can be plenty hot. In the dog days of summer, think toe cleavage. Any sandals in which your toes are squeezed gently together and exposed are sure to entice admirers. For a more authoritarian look, go with boots, the shinier, the better. Whether or not you have a date to appreciate your efforts, sexy shoes are a self-care ritual that will have you walking taller and feeling good.

© 2002 by Rachel Venning

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