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Forced fitness is where a dominant will force a submissive to improve their fitness levels and improve their general health.

This can be done through the dominant taking control of the sub's diet, and instructing them to return at regular intervals to prove that they have lost weight, or it can be done though a process of demanding physical exercise, with the dominant closely supervising the sub throughout.

This kind of activity can include elements of roleplay, with the dominant taking the role of a gym instructor, or it can involve elements of fetish such as Lycra fetish, if the dominant wears, or the sub is forced to wear, a leotard or other athletic garments.

In the Gor novels written by John Norman, a master often supervises the diet and exercise of a kajira, to keep her "supple, loose, vital, fit for her master", and/or to keep her "slave measurements" within a desired range.

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