Forniphilic gag

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Forniphillic gag from
House slave with forniphillic gags and remote punishment device from

Forniphilic gag is a term used to describe a type of gag which has the primary purpose of objectifying and/or humiliating the wearer. The gag becomes a mounting point for a tool or other device which allows a slave to perform a task or service for their master or mistress. When employing the gag, the slave's hands are usually bound behind them so they have no other option than to control the tool with the gag. In order to provide stability and to allow the slave to control the tool, a muzzle gag with a mouthpiece is commonly used as a base for attaching the tool.

Types of tool or device can include the following;

  • Dildo or vibrator
  • Ashtray
  • Toilet brush
  • Feather duster
  • Boot or floor brush

Gags employing a dildo or vibrator are readily available from on-line retailers; ashtray gags are also popular but to a lesser extent. Other types of forniphillic gags are much more difficult to source.

The bondage artist, Robert Bishop, made use of forniphillic gags in his drawings (usually in a humorous context). The term forniphilic comes from the word forniphilia which is the incorporation of a bound person into furniture or other objects.

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