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General Terms

Fucking machine, love machine, sex machine, love bot and Sybian are all terms used to describe an autonomous device designed for genital or anal stimulation, for men or women. The use of a fucking machine is not gender specific, nor is it relegated to the world of BDSM.


One example of a Fucking machine is a piece of equipment designed to hold and move a dildo by electrical or mechanical means such that a reciprocating or rotating motion is created. These types of machines are used for vaginal penetration and g-spot stimulation and can also be used to penetrate the anus.

Usually designed for vaginal use, they can be built and powered from pedal cycles as well, with the seat split so that the dildo rises and falls in the appropriate location. Another design uses an electric motor to move the dildo with a long metal pole connecting the parts, often with adjustable cams and levers, in order to permit adjustment of the speed of action and depth of thrust. The recipient may be horizontal or vertical depending upon the design of machine.

Other types of fucking machines, like the popular Sybian machines, do not necessarily involve vaginal penetration so much as clitoral stimulation. Straddling the machine causes not only the area around the clitoris to vibrate, but also the buttocks and legs, giving an overall sense of pleasure.

Something as simple as a vibrating dildo or faux-vagina might also be considered simple forms of fucking machines. The use of elaborate fucking machines is not widespread due to their often extravagant costs.


Fucking machines are usually associated with a bondage scene or suspension scene, where the submissive is "tortured" sexually using the machine while being bound, strapped down or tied up. Fucking machines are often also used in conjunction with tens units.


The inner linings of the anus and vagina are very sensitive, and use of fucking machines should be done with strict care, keeping this in mind at all times. The use of lubricants on any attachment touching the skin is necessary to keep from inflicting serious harm. Making sure any attachments such as dildos are continuously monitored and lubricated while in use is paramount to safe operation. It should also be noted that each person's orifice is different, and size of attachments should be taken into account. Always consider a smaller version before a larger one, if inexperienced. It's basic common sense.

Fucking machine attachments should never be shared between two partners, or used more than once without washing, just as when using dildos or the like.

Go All Out

Of course, once you decide you like the idea of autonomous stimulation, you have many options to choose from, especially with today's technology, if you are so financially inclined.

From the simple (and yet still expensive) Sybian type models, to extensive models like full blown life-like dolls which vibrate, you have a world of options. The more people demand products such as these, the more creativity will eventually be put into more elaborate models.

A good example is the UPD, or Universal Positioning Device, which does not penetrate, which is a geometry modified parallelogram, with "pussy-seeking" action.

Another example of a non-penetrating machine is the Vulvulator which is intended primarily for clitoral stimulation through the use of sucking, and can be used in conjunction with other machines.

Take it one step further into a more weird idea, is the Subwoofer Subwoofer, also known as the Sound Fucker. Just as it sounds, it literally creates 1200 horsepower with 120 strokes per 1 inch revolution, with sound. It is used for penetration, but with only a one inch stroke (overall back and forth distance of dildo attachment).

Advice on Making Your Own

Although people not so financially inclined have been known to make their own machines, usually without strict safety precautions guiding them, they are often hospitalised or worse. Many men trying to use vacuum cleaners for sucking their penises suffer the most. Should that necessarily stop anyone else from practising common sense and safety in the creation of their fucking machine?

Why not use a reciprocating saw with a dildo attachment? Or a power drill with a dildo attachment? Or create your own pedal style dildo? How about just a simple dildo attached to the end of a broomstick? All sorts of contraptions, from simple to elegant, to downright ridiculous exist today, and are all put to use.

Have fun, be creative, and by all means, keep it safe.

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