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model wearing a harness

A harness is a device made up of a number of straps (commonly leather) that go around the body, or some part of it. Harness have an iconic status in BDSM imagery and can be worn in both dominant and submissive roles by both sexes.

A harness and a bondage harness are fairly interchangeable terms, the main difference being that a bondage harness is always close fitting and cannot be removed without undoing one or more buckles. Also, a bondage harness usually includes a crotch strap whereas other harnesses may not. The general term harness covers a wider range of harness types including those that are loose fitting or worn only on the upper torso.

Harness plugs

Harness dildo from Westward Bound

A harness plug is a dildo or butt plug specially designed to be attached to a harness or crotch strap that holds it in firmly.

Suspension bondage

If using a harness for suspension bondage, it is essential to get a special suspension harness.

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