Harry the Cross Dresser

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Harry the Cross Dresser.

Rubber lover, Mariella
Is not a brother, or a fella
He has false tits, and kitten heels
Not a chest and ankles made of steel

His spiky rubber bag is old
Cleverly patched with a Marigold
It's been so long since he wore cotton
And only zips, never a button

Harry's a rubber Tube commuter
Six foot tall in his Trannymuters
Lots of people stop and stare
Even more when he had pink hair

Being a punk was such hard work
Every day another jerk!
Better to dye it back to brown
Play his fetish lifestyle down

A little less attention is better
When all he wants is bread n butter
Down to his local corner shop
In skin tight leggings and a belly top

He could blend if he wore a sweater
Or maybe brown corduroys would be better
That’s what a loving woman would ask
It had happened in Harry’s past

He'd had a wife, who he loved dearly
But she couldn't understand him clearly
Take off that dress and put on some trousers!
What about mother? Think of the neighbors!

It went on like that for years
Lots of heart ache, floods of tears
Even though she was his lover
He felt like they didn't know each other

Then on a bight and sunny morning
Came the last, the ultimate warning
˜Harry, I want you as a man!
You're turning me into a lesbian!"

He was forced to wisely choose
The rubber-wear would surely lose
He had made his vows for life
How could he just leave his (darling) wife?

The only decent thing to do
Was to be loyal - to be true
But then depression set right in
When all his beloved rubber was thrown in the bin

Time stood still for a couple of year
Lots more heart ache, rivers of tears
For he missed rubber in his (now) sad life
More than he would miss his nagging (dear) wife

This could not go on forever
He needed a friend not a jealous lover
Maybe she didn't like his feminine side
But Harry loved dear Mariella with pride

So one sad day they said goodbye
With no questioning or reasoning why
It was how it was meant to be
She was free - and so was SHE!

Alone again, but not as much
Much more honest, much more in trust
For Harry loves all things feminine
Now the woman he holds dearest lives within - him.

By User:Feral

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