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An interwiki is a short-hand way to link to an external site. It is primarily used to link to another encyclopedia using an addition to the Wiki software, hence its name. Interwiki links are fixed by the 'Bureaucrats' and are simply a way to make certain commonly-used links without bothering about the URL.

Using an interwiki is almost like any other internal link in the Wikipedia, with one difference. A standard internal link might be typed as

[[Whip]] which shows as Whip

or if your text needs to refer to it by another name, it might be

[[Whip|whipping]] which shows as whipping

If you want to link to another site set up as an interwiki, you would type the interwiki link name followed by colon and then the page name, such as

[[Wikipedia:Whip]] which shows as Wikipedia:Whip

or to change the name, you would type

[[Wikipedia:Whip|whipping]] which shows as whipping

List of common interwikis

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