Honour bondage

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Honour bondage is a kind of bondage that essentially dispenses with, or limits, the need for physical bondage in a scene. Instead of using restraints such as bondage cuffs or rope, the captive is requested to hold a fixed position through their own force of will. Occasionally this may be reinforced with some mild physical bondage, often of a form that could easily be removed if the captive wished.

In John Norman's Gor series of science fiction books, this is referred to as being "bound by the master's will". When the master says "You are unbound", the slave is then released from the requirement to simulate being bound. (Similarly, being "blindfolded by the master's will" means that one must keep one's eyes closed, while "being "gagged by the master's will" or under "gag law" means that one may not speak.)

A very similar concept is mental bondage or psychological bondage. The difference is that this relies on the top or captor imposing his or her will on the captive rather than relying on the captive's voluntary submission. More intense mental bondage can include the use of hypnosis; care needs to be taken with hypnosis.

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