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Jack Fritscher is the San Francisco author of fifteen fetish-themed books including Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer which is subtitled A Memoir of the Sex, Art, Salon, Pop Culture War, and Gay History of Drummer Magazine from the Titanic 1970s to 1999 (2008). In 1975, Drummer was the first leather magazine and Fritscher was its founding San Francisco editor in chief (March 1977-December 31, 1979). He has observed that the 1970s version of Drummer reported on the leather culture it helped create. With a press run each issue of 42,000 copies, millions more people read Drummer over its twenty-four years of 214 monthly issues than have read any best-selling gay book. Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer features writing by Joseph W. Bean, Larry Townsend, Edward Lucie-Smith, and david stein, co-founder of GMSMA (Gay Male S&M Activists), and has been recognized as a leather-heritage resource by the Kinsey Institute and the Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M) of Chicago.

As the bi-coastal lover of the controversial leather-fetish photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, Fritscher wrote the hardcover erotic biography of their time together titled Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera. In pre-Stonewall 1969 he authored the pioneer leather-fetish novel Leather Blues initially published by Lou Thomas of Target Studio as I Am Curious (Leather).

In 1982, he and his partner Mark Hemry founded Palm Drive Video whose feature films made a fetish of the homomasculinity of working men and the homomuscularity of bodybuilders spanning the spectrum of BDSM, including cigars, rubber, and the especially popular "verbal abuse" of the viewer by the actual men filmed. Gay Men's Press, London, published fifty-five of Fritscher's homomasculine and fetish photographs in the coffee-table book titled American Men (1995). In 2008, Taschen published four of his fetish photographs in Dian Hanson's The Big Dick Book.

Celebrating his fiftieth year as a published writer in 2007, the Erotic Authors Association gave him its Lifetime Achievement Award.

In perhaps a fetish-community "first," Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer was simultaneously published in June 2008 as an illustrated trade paperback and as a "free and green pdf" at his leather-heritage and gay-history reference and research website www.JackFritscher.com

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