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For some strange reason, Jaffa Cakes appear to be a favourite fetish food item and since this is a site about strange things, it seems to make sense to include something on this delicacy. One source[1] alludes to the potential use by the BDSM community in dungeons: "in the future, small groups of Jaffa Cake connoisseurs might be found in darkened cellars."

A Jaffa Cake is a small, biscuit-sized, biscuit-shaped, biscuit-like thing that consists of a thin base with a jelly-like orange layer coated with a chocolate topping (other layer/topping combinations have become available). They are sold in biscuit-like packaging. However, they are not biscuits but are cakes and this was finally proven in 1991 in a battle with the VAT man to prove that Jaffa Cakes, being cakes, should not attract taxation.

Jaffa Cakes are arguably a dominant item, as they are described by the makers, McVitie's, as "Deliciously self centred." For latex fetishists, a version made of rubber is available.[2]

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