John Sutcliffe

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The British fashion designer and fetish photographer John Sutcliffe (died 1987) was famous in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s as a designer of leather, rubber and PVC clothing, with an emphasis on rubber and leather catsuits, cloaks and gas masks. He can be considered as one of the major inspiarational figures in the current fetish scene.

He was notable as the designer of fetishistic clothes for the British television series The Avengers. His workshop was based at 10a Dryden Street in London.

At one time he designed a "boot suit", which comprised a pair of thigh-length boots, which carried on to join at the crotch, and then upwards to become an entire catsuit with a hood.

He was also the publisher of the fetish magazine AtomAge, which featured many of his clothing designs.

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