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Within the context of BDSM judicial CP, judicial flogging, or judicial caning is an extreme form of corporal punishment based on the judicial use of corporal punishment as used in counties such as Singapore. As with any BDSM activity, practices vary but will commonly start with a show trial where the victim will be found guilty; the method and amount of punishment is at the whim of the judge and is applied without a warm-up and without consideration of the victim. The victim will not have a safeword.

Judicial CP differs from more traditional CP is that it is meant to replicate the totally helpless position someone sentenced to a legally sanctioned corporal punishment would find themselves in. The negotiation is done in advance and once the terms are agreed, the victim gives up the right to stop or negotiate once the scene has commenced. The offender has no say in what sentence will be given; the court, judge, punishment officer etc. decides this; the offender's views in the matter are not taken into consideration, and if expressed, are usually ignored. The punishment is carried out in a formal setting; there is no play, just the business of inflicting the punishment that has been decreed. The punishment is carried out from cold with no warming up, no titillation, just straight in at maximum force from the very first lash. The offender will be compelled to take the full sentence that has been decreed.

Judicial CP is a form of edge play and not without its risks. For the victim there are the obvious risks of serious injury and discovering half way through the scene they have agreed to more than they can in fact take. For the person administering the beating there is a risk of facing an assault charge if the sub changes their mind during the beating and is unable to stop it. For this reason Judicial CP could not be considered safe, sane, and consensual as the victim is not capable of giving continuing consent; it could however come under Risk-aware consensual kink.

There are a number of forum threads and weblogs on the Informed Consent website which discuss this topic.

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