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One version of the Kajira "Kef" symbol or "Staff and fronds", symbolizing "beauty under discipline"
Woman attired and posed as a kajira, with camisk garment and kef brand.

Kajira is the term for female slave or "slave-girl" in John Norman's Gor novels. Slaves in the Gorean lifestyle will refer to themselves as kajirae. The phrase "la kajira" is said to mean "I am a slave-girl" in the main Gorean language (the most widely-spoken lingua franca in the known regions of the planet Gor); this is one of the few complete Gorean-language sentences given in the Gor novels.

The word is usually seen in the feminine form "kajira" (plural "kajirae"), as most slaves in the Gorean lifestyle are female. The corresponding masculine forms are "kajirus" and plural "kajiri". (These words follow the rules of nominative adjective morphology in the Latin language, as seen also with words such as "alumnus"/"alumna", etc.) The construction "kajiras" is incorrect, but is occasionally seen in third-party writing

Some aspects of Gorean slavery described in the Gor books — such as the basic nadu kneeling position, and the custom in the main northern city-states that a kajira's garments should always allow an open-air path to her "intimacies", to symbolize and facilitate her constant sexual availability and accessibility to her master — were probably influenced by the classic erotic novel Story of O.

For further information and explanations, see the relevant entries in article Gor - Dictionary.

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