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A simplified drawing of a Kali's teeth bracelet (hinged version), shown both closed (locked) and open
Slightly inaccurate drawing of KTB being worn

Named after the Hindu goddess Kali, the Kali's teeth bracelet is used as a form of chastity device (see chastity belts) for men. The device consists of a metal ring with spikes on its inside surface, and is locked around the shaft of the flaccid penis. Its size is such that it cannot come off even when a man is not aroused, and should he become partially erect, the spikes will press into the soft tissue of the penis, thus causing pain without damage and preventing the male from becoming fully aroused. The spikes may be blunted, although one common form of the device uses staples for the spikes (taking advantage of the "bed of nails" effect to avoid frequent puncturing of the skin).

Unlike many other chastity devices, a KTB is said to require its wearer to actively cooperate in suppressing erotic or arousing thoughts in order to be able to wear it pain-free.[1]

If a KTB is properly sized and fitted, it is worn with the lock under the penis, and the length of time it is worn is slowly increased to provide acclimatization near the beginning of its use, then most problems should be avoided.

The original creators of the KTB were fervent female domination lifestyle advocates, who saw the KTB as fitting in with their vision of a future matriarchal society.

Somewhat similar devices were invented in the 19th century to inhibit male "nocturnal emissions" or masturbation, as can be seen in a number of old patents, but unlike the KTB, such Victorian devices were not intended to be worn under clothes in public.

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