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A '''leather queen''' is a [[homosexual]] man who is into the [[leather subculture]], which largely defines image. Serious sissies into the leather scene get hurt, and are respected by real men (but such sissies quickly get [[butch]]).
A leather queen enters the leather bar wearing from the bottom up: pointy-toed Justin cowboy [[boot]]s (or other boots of such provenance) (white [[sock]]s under); Levi 501 [[jeans]] (and an ideally ancient version of such, where the metal in the [[crotch]] has eroded), with no underwear under; with black [[leather (material)|leather]] [[chaps]] over all. The waist is open to personal preferences, but a [[belt]] is usual if one wants to display a buckle.
The torso has a cowboy shirt open to the waist over bare skin under a leather vest under a leather motorcycle jacket. Atop is a leather cap. Dressed in this way, you don't so much walk into the bar as make a dramatic entrance.

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