Leather queen

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A leather queen is a homosexual man who is into the leather subculture, which largely defines image. Serious sissies into the leather scene get hurt, and are respected by real men (but such sissies quickly get butch).

A leather queen enters the leather bar wearing from the bottom up: pointy-toed Justin cowboy boots (or other boots of such provenance) (white socks under); Levi 501 jeans (and an ideally ancient version of such, where the metal in the crotch has eroded), with no underwear under; with black leather chaps over all. The waist is open to personal preferences, but a belt is usual if one wants to display a buckle.

The torso has a cowboy shirt open to the waist over bare skin under a leather vest under a leather motorcycle jacket. Atop is a leather cap. Dressed in this way, you don't so much walk into the bar as make a dramatic entrance.

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