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This is a list of other Wikis covering alternate sexuality topics;

  • bmezine wiki a wiki about piercing and body modification.
  • Kinkipedia a wiki about all aspects of kinky culture and practice.
  • LGBT Info informational resource on lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender topics.
  • LatexWiki [1] specialises in rubber and latex fetish.
  • an online text book and resource guide for the BDSM community
  • Spankingart Specialising in spanking
  • WikiFur the free encyclopaedia about, by, and for the Furry community.
  • Wikiporno an open wiki version of the (international adult film database) that focuses specifically on actual penetration porn though also has some fetish movies and performers included
  • Wipipedia, covering fetish and BDSM.
  • The O&P Wiki contains articles about O&P (Ownership & Possession) and related D/s, M/s, and BDSM topics.

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