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[[Image:ManoDestra.gif|thumb|Mano Destra]]
'''Mano Destra''' is a film that is an enigmatically stylised and exquisitely photographed study of the body as object.
Achieving cult status among the [[SM]] Underground, the film however confronts the paradox of SM: the consensual nature of the relationship. The [[dominatrix]], Cleo Uebelmann herself - cool, detached,competent and precise, sculpts the body of her '[[Victim]]'/'Client' into an aesthetic object. The audience, however, wonders if Domina and client are one and the same woman. Birgit Hein notes the 'tenderness of the film in relation to the shock horror with which it had been received by certain audiences.'
'Mano Destra' challenges fondly held views of the 'correct' female sexuality and so creates both feelings of outrage and liberation
Cleo Uebelmann has reportedly refused to release the film on DVD as she feels that the visual impact would be dimished on the small screen so you will have to scan the pages of Time Out looking for the occasional showing. It is not [[pornography]], there is no nudity, no [[SM]], and no dialogue but it is visually stunning and compulsive viewing. A must see.
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