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Girls dressed as nurses
Latex nurse outfit from Westward Bound

Naughty nurse roleplay is a type of medical scene in which one partner plays the role of a nurse.

This can take two forms. One involves the dominant partner taking the nurse role, with the submissive taking the role of a patient. The nurse would then perform, usually mild, BDSM activities such as administering an enema or performing an intimate examination of the patient.

Another type of play involves the submissive taking the role of the nurse, and the dominant taking the role of the doctor, with the doctor punishing the nurse.

A male may cross-dress as a female nurse.

In a non-BDSM scenario, the roleplay of the female partner taking the role of a nurse, possibly wearing a highly sexualised or fetish version of a nurse's uniform, is also common. This would take a similar form to the two aforementioned ones, but would not be BDSM-focused and may include other sexual play.

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