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Omniviant is a word to describe multiply deviant persons.

It is derived from Omni [< Latin omnis "many"] and Deviant [14th century < late Latin deviant-, present participle of deviare meaning "To depart from the way"].

It was first coined within the blogs (May 2005) and adopted as a more accurate description by persons who felt that the word "Switch" was inaccurate (even offensive). It was felt that a category of persons given the label "switch" did not see themselves as "switching" between Dominant and submissive roles as much as they were both roles at any one given time. The word "switch" in usage often implies a swap/exchange between states. It was felt that this identity of duality called for a separate new word to be created without the connotations associated with the word "switch".

Although the word is relatively new, it is gaining in popularity and usage. An entry in any modern deviant's lexicon is a plausible must.

Pedants will note that the word, if following the form of other omni- words, should be 'omnideviant'.

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