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A PVC mini-dress

PVC or vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) is a plastic that is readily made into sheets that can be made into clothing. Thicker PVC can be used for making belts, boots and SM equipment.

PVC cloth is made by bonding a thin layer of PVC plastic to a cloth backing. It can be fun to wear. It may be expensive to buy in ready-made garments, but is cheap and easy to sew from the roll if you are so inclined (and have the right sewing machine foot).

Sometimes known as "Pleather" (especially in North America) in a cloth context, it was invented to satisfy a need for a cheap leather-look product. It has since become a fetish material in its own right, enjoyed for its distinctive look and feel.

It comes in "real leather look" and shiny "patent leather look" in various colours and thicknesses. You can also get 2-way stretch and 4-way stretch PVC. However, "suede-look" PVC cloth seems not to be produced.

Most Sex Shops sell PVC clothing, often at outrageous prices. If you are going Fetish clubbing, and must conform to a dress code, an article of PVC clothing from such a shop is usually sufficient and so will often be a first fetish clothing purchase.

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