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Women's panties
Frilly knickers under a tennis skirt
Lace-trimmed panties from Westward Bound

Panty fetishism is a fetish relating to panties, particularly worn or soiled ones. It can also involve printed or electronic material depicting exposure of underwear.


Pornographic magazines in the West have long contained advertisements for "used" women's underwear. However, this fetish has been carried to extremes in Japan.

It is largely a male fetish, as reports of females being excited by panties are extremely rare. In some males the fetish is so strong the man cannot become fully aroused in the absence of the fetish object, in this case, panties. For some, they must be worn, for others they must be held separately, for others still different conditions.

The fetish may cover all types of panties, or particular sorts, for example only black ones, or satin, lacy or thongs.

Panties may also be made of fetish material such as rubber.

Japanese panty fetish

Buru sera is a Japanese adopted term (ie, Engrish) from "bloomer sailor" -- a reference to the underwear of teenage schoolgirls in "sailor"-like uniforms. This fetish is expecially popular in Japan where female adolescence is perhaps more prominently revered as the idealized form of beauty than it is even in Western cultures.

The term refers to the sale and exchange of the panties of these schoolgirls, as independent transactions between female and adult store and the store and the buyer. Girls who participate in this business will exchange their panties at adult stores on their way to school, and returning them soiled for profit. The more soiled they are, the more they will fetch at sale. The valuse is further increased by attaching the girl's picture or bio to the panties, personalising them for the consumer. At one point, such panties were even made for sale in vending machines in the Chiba Prefecture, until they were found to be illegal under "antiques-resale" legislation.

Crotchless panties

One variant is crotchless panties, which have a large hole over the crotch allowing sexual intercourse without removing them. They may be worn with stockings or crotchless tights, which also do not need to be removed.

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