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Etymologically, pornocracy (derived from a Greek word for "prostitute-rule") would mean government, or domination of government, by whores, prostitutes, or by some other form of sexual organisation, industry or society.

Historically, it was used to refer to a period in the 10th century A.D. when women connected with certain families were alleged to have an unsavoury influence over the affairs of the Papacy, or in various contexts as an insulting epithet to refer to politicians' mistresses (or wives with an allegedly chequered past) having undue influence on government affairs. The term was misogynistically motivated by a combination of fear of women having any authority to rule and contempt of any women who did not keep within a strict standard of sexual chastity. Few of the women who were slurred by the term "pornocracy" were practising prostitutes, although some may have been promiscuous or have had dubious backgrounds. Generally, they did not rule openly in their own name.

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