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Puppy play
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Dog play, also known as puppy play or doggy play, is a roleplay where one or more of the participants (male or female) pretends to be, or is forced to act, like a dog or puppy.

The roleplay varies from person to person and can be perceived in many ways, depending on which position you are in i.e. Master/Mistress or Puppy/Dog. However, the constant is that one person is the handler and one or more others assumes a canine role.



Dog play evokes many feelings for both the Master/Mistress and the Dog/Puppy. Typically, it is a combination of training, humiliation, discipline and control. Whilst some practitioners would consider that humiliation is paramount to the activity it does not have to be; it has as many limits and boundaries as the participants want it to have. From a simple perspective it is enjoyable, relaxing and similarly empowering. It can be whatever people want it to be, but most of all it’s fun.

In its physical and emotional impact, dog play resembles many other BDSM activities and therefore the ethics of the scene and most importantly consensual play are paramount. It does not necessarily have to involve sexual contact of any kind; that is the choice of the parties involved.

The role of the Dog/Puppy is not dissimilar to that of bottom. It still provides for the more general D/S activities of worship, punishment, chastisement, CBT, bondage, even anal play with the right Dog/Puppy butt plug whilst getting into a unique and fulfilling headspace as a pet.


The fantasy can be enhanced by props and accessories.

Bondage mittens, or more specialised mock paws, allow an extension to the play that restricts normal human activities whilst at the same time promoting the feeling of being a Dog/Pup.

A butt plug with an attached tail can simulate a real tail.

An animal-like collar with a leash is common and is used much as it would be on a dog. Care must be taken when pulling againt the throat, as the human trachea is much easier to damage than a dog's. Most leather dog collars are comfortable enough on a person but will leave a stain on human skin if worn for very long, so it is worth selecting the right one to start with.

A dog-like hood adds to the authenticity and can be found in different breeds. Typically these are leather and still allow the Master/Mistress to gag their Dog/Puppy should they prove to be too vocal. For the wearer they can provide an environment that aids in getting to that “headspace”.

A gag may be used to stop the "dog" talking and make it more helpless but some prefer to hear, or make, canine sounds. Such a gag may be a muzzle, or may have a fake tongue attached to look like a dog with its tongue out.

Bondage may be used, such as binding the legs double with the heels pressed against the buttocks, and/or having chains between the thighs and forearms, to make someone stay on all fours. The arms may be put in a chicken-wing tie and the legs treated similarly. There are also specific puppy restraints, mostly for a male. The idea with this bondage is to force the "dog" to stay in role, mostly through the shortness of the chains, and prevent the wearer from standing, walking and reaching high places, but they are able to crawl, sit and beg. The usual bondage safety precautions apply.

As with many activities these props and accessories can be added and improvised – puppy tail butt plugs, chastity shorts, booties, dog bowls, cages, collars and chains all add to the role and the play that can take place.

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