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Each year, a weekend is organised by Skin Two magazine, comprising an expo and several parties including the Rubber Ball itself. The Rubber Ball is one of the few fetish events to have crossed over into the vanilla world and is often featured in publications such as Time Out. As its name suggests, this is a party with a dress code that favours rubber (though PVC and, for males, transvestism are common). The standard of dress at the Ball is extremely high, with many clubbers creating outfits especially for the ball. The Rubber Ball differs from most other Fetish clubs run in London in that it is very much a fetish event (where you go to see and be seen) as opposed to a SM event (where you can play in public); there is no dungeon at the Rubber Ball.

There is no dress code for the Skin Two Expo, but lots of people dress up. No full frontal nudity.

The next weekend is Friday 11th - Sunday 13th December 2009 with the ball on Saturday 12th[1].

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