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SM equipment: There is an extensive cottage industry supplying equipment for people into SM and BDSM. As with many products associated with the sex industry, there is a wide variation in both quality and price of the items. When buying bondage gear, it is generally better to buy from companies that specialise in supplying the BDSM community; items from general sex shops tend to be (though not always!) of a lower quality but as expensive.

Even with specialist companies, it is still worth shopping around as there is a wide variety of different styles and quality (and price) available. Retail stores tend to be more expensive than companies selling direct over the Internet, but they offer the advantage of a wider variety of products to browse and inspect before buying. Fetish Fairs are a good way of getting to view the products of smaller companies without the risk of buying unseen from the net.

Below is a short selection of the types of equipment available. A list of BDSM equipment suppliers is also available.

Do you want some advice on what to buy? The article Advice: SM equipment will offer some suggestions on how best to spend your money.




Head trips (hoods, blindfolds, gags)




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