Savage fold

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Tied in a Savage fold
Tied in what is claimed to be a Savage fold

The Savage fold or lotus fold is a bondage position used in BDSM play. It is named after bondage expert John Savage.

The victim's wrists are tied crossed behind their back. Their ankles are tied crossed as they sit on the floor; this forces their shins to be at right angles to each other with the knees wide apart. A dog collar or other suitable collar is fastened around their neck. A rope is tied to the front of the collar and goes to the ankle ties. The rope is pulled tight, which forces the ankles as close to the neck as possible. Next, the left upper arm is tied to the left thigh, just above the knee. Finally, the same is done with the right arm and leg. The person is now folded double.

Dr Savage claims that most people tied like this cannot move themselves from the sitting position and that on the whole, this position limits movement more than a standard hogtie. He notes that the second image is not a true Savage fold (see talk).

A further refinement is to tie a rope round the elbows to pull them towards each other. While they cannot move very far (due to the ties to the legs), this extra rope further immobilises the arms. Also, a crotch rope can be secured to the wrist bonds and either the ankle bonds or the front of the collar, forcing the victim to keep their hands pressed against their back. If this is done before tying the arms to the thighs, then when the ties are made, pulling the wrists up, it makes the crotch rope tighter.

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