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The '''Sex Workers Art Show''' is an annual tour in the United States of art and performance by former and current [[sex worker]]s: [[prostitute]]s, [[stripping|strippers]], [[phone sex]] operators, professional [[dominatrix|dominatrices]], [[pornography|porn]] models and performers, etc. Performance modes include [[burlesque]], spoken word, and music (ranging from solo acoustic performance to punk rock to R&B). Participants in past years have included [[wikipedia:Annie_Sprinkle|Annie Sprinkle]], Scarlot Harlot, Candye Kane, and Michelle Tea.
Starting in 1998 in Olympia, Washington, and founded by a stripper known as Annie Oakley (named after a woman performer in Wild West shows, the subject of the musical ''Annie Get Your Gun''), the show has occurred annually, and expanded in 2004 to a month-long national tour.
The pieces typically range from the very [[wikipedia:sex-positive|sex-positive]] to some very dark pieces about the abuse that sometimes comes with working in the industry. "A lot of people come because they want to see naked ladies," Oakley says. "They get the naked ladies, but they also get political and emotional content." []
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